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Print2CAD 2021
PDF to DWG/DXF Including 2D/3D PDF Publisher

  • Batch DWG to 3D/2D PDF Publisher With Interactive Layouts
  • Batch DWG or SAT to 3D PDF (Net or B-Rep) Publishing
  • 3D PDF Layouts with Animation and View Buttons
  • Creates Fast Linearized PDF Download PDF for Web
  • Creates Highly Compressed and Optimized for Web
  • Publisher Supports Lines and Texts in 3D PDF
  • PDF to DWG/DXF Converter
  • Raster 2 Vector of PDF Raster Images

BackToCAD Publisher is a Part of Print2CAD 2021 Converter

Publisher for 2D and 3D DWG or DXF Files

Creates 2D and 3D PDF Files for Desktop and Internet

BackToCAD™ Publisher is a stand-alone converter that allows the CAD user to convert hundreds of DWG/DXF files into 2D PDF, 3D PDF and PRC (3D Input for PhotoShop, Acrobt, etc.).

BackToCAD™ Publisher creates 3D PDF as well as PRC alternatively with Net Models or the B-Rep Models.

BackToCAD™ Publisher supports 3D PDF, 2D CAD Elements like Text, Line, Polyline, Dimension, Hatch.

BackToCAD™ Publisher can use the AutoCAD Plot Style CTB files or the internal conversion table for Color and line Weight Conversion.

BackToCAD™ Publisher offers several easy to use scale and unit calculation methods for PDF or Raster output.

BackToCAD™ Publisher supports paper space, model space, and active layout as well as different sizes of margin and page sizes.

BackToCAD™ Publisher can convert each DWG layout to a separate PDF, one full DWG drawing to one PDF, or several selected DWG drawings to one PDF.

BackToCAD™ Publisher embeds searchable text, binds DWG external references and DWG raster images.

BackToCAD™ Publisher security function allows the user to place their own watermark onto 2D PDF, 3D PDF or PRC documents.

BackToCAD™ Publisher generates PDFs with high quality coordinates (up to 40.000 DPI) and with optimized polylines and curves.

BackToCAD™ Publisher supports DWG/DXF Version 12, 14, 2000/2002, and 2004 to 2020

BackToCAD™ Publisher supports the modern High Speed DCT Compression and Linearization of PDF for Web (PDF shows on Web Page with no delay.)

3D DWG to PDF Publishing Template Samples

Print2CAD 2021
PDF Publisher 2D/3D Features:

DWG to 2D PDF Publishing
DWG to 3D PDF (Net) Publishing with Templates
DWG to 3D PDF (B-Rep) Publishing with Templates
DWG to PRC Net (3D Input for PhotoShop, Acrobat, etc.)
DWG to PRC B-Rep (3D Input for PhotoShop, etc.)

Supports 2D CAD Elements to 3D PDF Conversion
Supports CAD Text to 3D PDF Conversion
Full DWG Input File Analysis
PDF Paper Format Selection
DWG Layout Selection
Scale Selection
PDF Version Selection (1.1-1.7)
PDF/A Output with ISO Norm Standard
Margin Selection
Plot Area Selection
Zooms to Extensions or to Last View

Outputs Each Layout as Separate PDF File
Outputs Each DWG as Separate PDF File
Outputs all DWG in One Common PDF File

Offers PDF Security Option – Watermark

Offers Layer Name Conversion
Offers Sorting of Entities on Layers

Offers Additional Directories for Fonts and Xrefs

Embeds TTF and SHX Fonts
TTF Font Optimization
ASCII Hex Encoding

Generates Searchable TTF Text
Generates Searchable SHXText
Option to Place TTF Text as Geometry
Option to Place SHX Text as Geometry

Print2CAD 2021 Publisher Optimization Features:

Creates PDF Layers Based on DWG Layers
Generates New Layers
Changes Layer Names

Offers PDF Encoding, Passwords and Permissions

Repairs Corrupted DWG/DXF
Offers Geometry Optimization
Offers Merging of Colors on Crossing Lines
Offers Compression of Internal PDF Streams

Line Type Scale (LTScale) Selection
Line Weight Scale Selection

Option to Draw a QR Code in the Output File (free Text or Drawing Name)

Hyperlink Export
Create Linearized PDF (for fast Web Presentations)
Enable Measuring Scale in PDF Raster Pictures
Image Cropping

Separate Geometry DPI up to 40.000 DPI
Separate Hatch DPI up to 720 DPI
Separate B&W Pictures DPI up to 720 DPI
Separate Color Pictures DPI up to 720 DPI

User Defined Plot Settings
Use of Predefined Plot Settings
Option to Plot With Original Colors and Line Weights
Option to Plot in Grey Scale
Option to Plot in Black and White
Option to Plot with any CTB File (CAD Plot Settings Table)

Offers Text Scaling Factors
Offers Text Position Moving

Print2CAD™ 2021


ONLY available for existing users of previous program versions

(English, German, Spanish, French, Italian)

PDF to CAD Converter, Raster to Vector Converter, DWG to PDF Publisher

Special Price!
US $399
US $129

(one permanent license, unlimited license transfer, 6 months Support)

Print2CAD™ 2021
Perpetual License

(English, German, Spanish, French, Italian)

PDF to CAD Converter, Raster to Vector Converter, DWG to PDF Publisher

Special Price!
US $399
US $199

(one permanent license, unlimited license transfer, 6 months Support)

Print2CAD™ 2021

Optional USB Hardlock

Special Price!
US $199
US $99

Print2CAD 2021 is available with an alternative protection system based on USB hardlock “CodeMeter”. This option allows the owner of the program to use their software on any workstation with the CodeMeter, which activates the program while plugged into the workstation. Hardlock does not contain a software license! You need Print2CAD 2021 full license or and Upgrade to the new version! Available only in the United States.

Network Floating License Print2CAD™ 2021

Perpetual License

PDF to CAD, Raster To Vector Converter
6 Mo. Support

(English, German, Spanish, French, Italian)

The hardlock  based Floating License USB hardlock manages the licenses in your network over TCP/IP protocol.

The hardlock is permanently plugged to the server. The hardlock does not need to be switched over to another computer.

1 Perpetual Floating License

US $788

2 Perpetual Floating License

US $1,076

3 Perpetual Floating License

US $1,354

4 Perpetual Floating License

US $1,622

5 Perpetual Floating License

US $1,880

System Requirements:

System: 64bit Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (SP1), Windows Vista® (SP1)

BackToCAD™ Publisher is a stand alone Windows (64 bit) program that works independently with all CAD systems (and with all AutoCAD® versions including AutoCAD® 2020).


  • Windows 10: 4 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)
  • Windows 8: 4 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)
  • Windows 7: 4 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)
  • Windows Vista: 2 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)

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