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We can convert, publish, migrate and translate any of the following formats: DWG, DXF, 2D PDF, 3D PDF, DWF, JPEG, HPGL, TIFF, OBJ, ACIS, and TIFF. We are specialized in PDF to CAD and Raster To Vector Conversion. We develop 2D and 3D PDF publisher for CAD systems. We offer DWG based CAD system CADdirect™.

BackToCAD Technologies, LLC has been developing software for over 10 years. This software makes viewing, printing and converting many CAD formats possible.


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About PDF to CAD Conversion

BackToCAD™ Publisher

DWG/DXF to 2D PDF Converter
DWG/DXF to 3D PDF (Net)
DWG/DXF to 3D PDF (B-Rep)
DWG/DXF to Publishing
PDF Linearization for Web
DCT Compression
Searchable TTF and SHX Fonts
Geometry with 40.000 DPI

Print2CAD™ 2020

PDF to DWG/DXF Converter
Raster to DWG/DXF Converter
Entities Recognition
Layer Recognition
OCR Text Recognition
TIFF to DWG/DXF Converter
JPEG to DWG/DXF Converter
DWF to DWG/DXF Converter
HPGL to DWG/DXF Converter

CADInLa™ 2020

DWG to DWG Converter
DWG to DXF Converter
DWG to BIM Converter
DWG to Revit Converter
DWG Layer Converter
DWG Color Converter
DWG Text Conversion
DWG Font Conversion
Tailored for CAD Data Migrations

CADdirect™ 2019

For 3D and 2D Constructions
DWG/DXF Viewer
DWG/DXF Editor and Printer
Full Lisp, C++ Programmable
ACAD Compatible
Easy to Learn for ACAD Users
DWG to DGN Converter
IntelliCAD Based

CADsecurity™ Signature

Create Hidden DWG Signatures
Create Watermarks
Stay by Copy and Paste
Easy Signature Check
AutoCAD 2019 App
Place Signature in Blocks
Signature as Part of Drawing
Batch Signatue Checking
Free Signature Content

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